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BY Hassnain Amjad | August 08, 2021

BY Hassnain Amjad | August 08, 2021

Hope you know the concept of a slideshow but I discuss a little bit about that. Slideshow means the dynamic behavior of images and videos in which images and videos display after an interval in a sequence. Slideshow is used to display data relevant to any business and showcase professional graphics. Slider is a term of slideshow that we use in web pages to show all the important data and main features of our website. Many online e-commerce stores use to show their featured products with sliders.

There are many different ways to make different kinds of slideshows. Here we will discuss making a slideshow both with coding and online free photo slideshow maker tools that definitely work for you at no cost.

Ways to make Slideshow:

  • Jquery Plugin Slideshow
  • Automated Tool Slideshow
  • Make slideshow with Plugins

    If you are a little familiar with javascript, then you can easily create a slideshow by using javascript libraries and jquery plugins. You can also create a custom slider by using just HTML and a little jquery. But you can not be able to add much more options and animations with little knowledge and experience. You need to go through a little deep in jquery and may also need to use CSS according to your requirements. But if just start learning to code, then use jquery plugins premade by someone and add to your project. Here are the top js plugins with many animations and functionality. These plugins are light-weighted and easy to use.


    Splide is an open-source, lightweight and flexible javascript library for slideshow and carousel that is written in pure javascript. It has much more options that you need to make your photo slideshow attractive and creative.

    Screenshot of default slider in Splide
    Screenshot of default slider in Splide

    Splide has wide options for the theme with multiple user selector options. You can easily use 20 splide themes with a minor changes in your source code. Download the complete library from here and include it in your project or use the CDN link to reduce the hassle of collecting files in your hosting.

    Here is a default slideshow that you can make with splide.

    Note: Add these CDN in heading tag
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
    <script src=""></script>
    You need to include HTML elements in the body tag.
    <div style="width: 100%;" align="center">
        <div style="max-width: 600px">
            <div class="splide">
    	    <div class="splide__track">
                    <ul class="splide__list">
                       <li class="splide__slide">
                           <img src="" alt="Img-alt" />
                        <li class="splide__slide">
                           <img src="" alt="Img-alt" />
                        <li class="splide__slide">
                           <img src="" alt="Img-alt" />
    Add this js code before the ending of the body tag to initialize the splide slideshow.
    document.addEventListener( 'DOMContentLoaded', function () {
    	new Splide( '.splide', {
    		type : 'loop',
    		autoplay : 'true',
    		interval : 3000
    	} ).mount();
    } );

    You can use official documentation to learn more about slide slideshow library. Splide also has a tutorial part on their website, where you can about its use. All the options that are necessary for a slideshow, are available in a sequence to give you full control of your slideshow. All the references of the splide options are available here with proper descriptions. Just pick an option and add in the javascript initializing code.

    I hope, if you know all about splide, then you don't need to know about other slideshow libraries as it has all about what you need for a creative slideshow. But if you are not comfortable with splide, then you can use its alternatives.

    Splide alternative

  • Skitter Slider
  • Skitter is another amazing slideshow jquery plugin that is open source and can be used anywhere in your project easily. This js plugin is the same as that of splide but the thing that I like the most about skitter is the animation when one image change to another known as transition. Skitter is using 30+ transitions that are enough for a slideshow. Our v3 is using skitter slideshow if you want to make a skitter slideshow automatically.

  • Bx Slider
  • Bx slider is a very lightweight js slideshow plugin with fewer animations but useful controlling options to give you full control. If your project is heavy and still need something to add to your webpage, then this is an amazing option to add a slideshow. You can also add captions to images using this plugin. Here is some example that showcases the bx slider.

    Automated Tool Slideshow

    If you just started web designing and development and are not able to make a slideshow with javascript then you can use an automated slideshow tool to make a creative slider in the beginning to create a simple web page. Later on, you can learn javascript and CSS thoroughly to make your own unique slideshow according to your requirements. An automatic slideshow maker tool base on pure javascript or js plugins to prevent you from the hassle of coding. You only need to upload your desire photos, make some changes according to your needs, and just click the download button to download the code of the slideshow. Paste the code in your anywhere in your project and the slideshow will work. Here we will discuss a free photo slideshow maker tool that makes it easy to create a slider.

    Slide Maker - Free Photo Slideshow Maker

    Slide maker is a free tool to make slideshow online, available for you anywhere and anytime. Using the top jquery slideshow plugin, slide maker gives you a way to make your slider automatically without knowing any js library.

    Screenshot of home page of slide maker.
    Screenshot of home page of slide maker.

    Slide maker is using three versions that you can use to make a slideshow in your own interest. You can use the simple slider, typical slider, and advance animated slider by changing some options on your requirements. After you have done with the option, just click on the download button. It will give a zip file. Extract the zip file. Now you have a text file that has code generated during you make the slider. The extracted file also has a folder that have all the images you upload on slide maker. You can change the image's name and change the image's name in code to remain the path correct.

    V1 is a simple CSS slider with very few animations and control options. You need to include only one CSS file through CDN or hosting file that's why this version is very light weighted and using very little js code. If you are just new to coding then this version will help you a lot to understand how animations and transition work.

    V2 is using bx slider jquery plugin that we discuss as an alternate of splide, is a typical slideshow that uses right to left movement as a default transition. You can change slider width, animation time, image duration, slider controls, and many more with some clicks. Update each change to save your work on the server side, so you can get it on download.

    V3 is the most advanced slideshow version using the skitter slider plugin. It has much more transitions to pick up. Due to many transitions, this version is a bit heavy and you need to include one extra js file along with a default js and CSS file. You need to include a jquery link with the slider of each version because each version uses jquery except v1.

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